Deadline of Abstract Submission

April 06, 2020 Starting @ 11:59 PM


Preisdent Urdujah A. Tejada, PhD, CESO II University President

Fr. Ranhilio C. Aquino, JD, SJD VP for Administration & Finance,
University Coordinator for Graduate Studies

Prof. Ana Marie C. Cauilan Focal Person for Internationalization/
University Information Officer

Call for Papers

PhD degree holders or their equivalents who are actively engaged in research or are recognized authors and professors in ethics, law or in research methods are eligible to submit papers for the plenary sessions. Papers for the plenary session should not exceed 30 pages and should be delivered in twenty (20) minutes, with appropriate Power Point presentation...

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Bioethics and the Law

Dr. Kris Dierickx (Center for Biomedical Ethics and Law, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Ethics of Research Objectives and Climate Change

Dr. Antonio La ViƱa (UP, Ateneo, San Beda)

Ethics and Psychiatric Practice and Research

Dr. Bernardo Conde(University of Santo Tomas)

Law and Ethics of Research on Human Subjects

Prof. Palash Gupta(Member, New York Bar. Member, Indian Bar)

The Nature of Truth in Research

Dr. Jemy Gatdula (University of Asia and the Pacific, Cambridge University)

Ethics and Research

Dr. Raymundo R. Pavo(UP Mindanao)

The Ethics of New Reproductive Technologies

Ms. Jasmin Imperial (Catholic University of Louvain; Philippine School-Greece)

The Ethics of Social Research

Fr. Shierwin Cabunilas(Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)


  1. To take up the question of ethics in respect to the following areas:
    1. The objectives of research
    2. The limits of research
    3. The methods of research
    4. The subjects of research
  2. To allow for a discursive encounter between ethical theorists and research practitioners;
  3. To propose answers to crucial questions on the ethics of research